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Lets Go Clubbing


Everybody groove to the beat!Club hop with your wing woman and mesmerize the crowd with the coolest dance moves. Show everybody how to tap, swipe, and slide towards stardom in the visually stunning 3D music rhythm dance game everyone’s chatting about.
Shine in the spotlight and bust out your best moves with your dance crew as you tap to original EDM music. Change up your style with the trendiest clothing options guaranteed to make you look your best from head to toe on the dance floor. Raise your swagger and flirting skills to the highest level in an exclusive VIP room filled with the hottest and most attractive club members.
Club Features• Choose pre-game bonuses allowing you to stun the crowd with sick moves on the dance floor.• Recruit and team up with over 300 hunks and hotties each with their own special charm• Play rhythm-on-rails gameplay with one hand• Participate in dance-offs to show off your best dance moves and fashion sense against friends and rival crews• Wear over 900 trendy clothes giving you the confidence to stand out on the dance floor • Dance and tap to original fist-bumping, bass-dropping EDM tracks with Facebook friends